Live Steam Vendors

Welcome to the Live Steam Mall

On October 12, 2010, a fellow live steamer made a suggestion on the Livesteamers email list, “You know what would be a very good service for the live steam community?  A central web site where buyers could comment on transactions with vendors, so that the live steam community could be better informed before they make a purchase.”  And with that, this site was born.

The goal is to provide an exhaustive list of vendors that supply the Live Steam hobby.  Preferably, the vendors describe themselves.  Then, the community will leave comments and ratings on the quality of the product and/or services of the vendor.

The Live Steam hobby is very broad and there is no desire to limit the definition.  Most commonly, the hobby involves riding scale railroad locomotives.  However, it could also include stationary engines, boats, tractors, etc.

Rating the Vendors

If you have experience with a vendor, positive or negative, please take the time to rate your interaction.  Normally, customers with a bad experience are the most vocal.  It is just as important to rate good transactions.  Please do not be shy.

The operators of this site reserve the right to delete any posts deemed inappropriate or abusive in any way.  Be civil.  Stick to the facts.  Ultimately, the customers, the vendors, and the hobby will improve.

Adding a vendor

If you cannot find a vendor, please send an email and the site operators will get it added promptly and let you know so you can add your rating.  When sending the email, it will be helpful to include a description of the business, contact information, or a website where this information is listed.  Thanks.